2 Oct 2023 - By Prachi

How To Create A Dessert Table For Your Child’s Birthday?

Every parent starts preparing weeks prior to their child’s birthday. They search for creative ideas, mainly for the dessert tables. Hence, a dessert table is a unique way to make your little one’s birthday more special and offers the guests multiple options in case they don’t prefer the flavor of a birthday cake. However, not only can a dessert table be added to the party’s aesthetic, but you can also consider sweet treats for your little guests.

The birthday cake is the celebrity dessert that everyone keeps their eye on. For the best options, you can buy cake online from us at The Magic Oven.

Exclusive Dessert Table Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday

A dessert table at birthday parties keeps all the little ones engaged, so you should pay extra attention to it. Some of the ideas have been mentioned below that you can explore.

1. Come Up With A Theme

You can take inspiration from the theme for the dessert table. It will be helpful to determine the colors, decorations, and dessert varieties to add. You can come up with the theme based on your child’s favorite character or hobby. For instance, if your little one is a girl, you can have a Barbie-themed dessert table with pastel colors and doll cake as the centerpiece. Other ideas can be the TV show they like the most, like their favorite cartoon character, or you can go more abstract with the animals or a space-themed party. Or you can directly approach your birthday girl or boy for the party theme. It’s best to buy cake online with lots of options.

2. Select A Color Scheme

Once you’ve selected the theme, you need to opt out of a color palette to bind everything together. Anyhow, you don’t have to strictly stick to only one color but make a color combination that will look well together. Like, if you have an animal-themed party, you can choose beer, hare, or cat on the top of the cake, with icing of grass, carrots, and brown mud, which will magnify the theme further, with banners, tablecloths, and paper plates in similar hues.

3. Create Your Dessert List

The best part of creating a dessert table is to select the dessert you will add, keeping in mind that everyone will enjoy it. You can include cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops with sweet jars. Other than this, you can stick labels so that your guests can easily recognize the desserts. It’ll help them to know which desserts they can have in case of allergies or dietary restrictions. You just need to contact us at The Magic Oven for the best variety of cakes.

4. Set-Up The Table

When you have decided on desserts, you need to set up the table. You may use a tablecloth that matches the theme and color scheme you’ve picked up, as well as tiered trays and cake stands, and ensure everything looks appealing so the children have fun working their way from all the various alternatives. You may also consider decorations like banners, balloons, and symbols to make the appearance of the table more festive or enhance the theme with toys.

5. Handover To Responsible Person

If you choose to prepare the desserts yourself, be sure to select recipes that have an easy preparation process and can be cooked in advance. But if you don’t wish to be up the whole night before the party, we recommend ordering a cupcake online to make it smooth. Besides, if you are required to have at least five to six options to satisfy everyone’s tastes and if you have a large number of guests, make sure you have plenty of each dessert to refill plates.

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